Access the beauty and power of mutual-care

Access the beauty and power of mutual-care


Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m grateful to have been able to study, research, teach, and practice clinical psychology for decades and I’d love to share what I’ve gleaned along the way. I hope this website will offer you what you’re looking for in terms of gaining more well being for yourself and your relationships. I work with individuals and couples in talk therapy, and offer ketamine assisted therapy. I’ve also loved teaching university students for decades and would love for you to join one of my online course offerings. Currently my passion is mutual-care, how we flourish best when we work together towards increasing each other’s well being and lessening each other’s misery, together, reciprocally. There’s a lot to say about this and about living our best lives, now, while we have the opportunity. Let’s talk, let’s learn, let’s grow together. I’m glad you’re here.

Clinical Practice

In-depth psychodynamic talk therapy for individuals and couples.  I also offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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Watch the Malaprops event – Chained to the Desk with author Bryan Robinson, PhD and conversation partner Dr. Yael Baldwin.

Explore mutual-care

Mutual-Care is when two people intentionally and actively cultivate and sustain each other’s psychological richness and flourishing, reciprocally.

Advanced praise

Adrian Grenier

Actor and Earth Advocate

“This book on mutual-care provides an excellent contextual balance to a self-help industry that has convinced everybody that they must heal themselves, alone. While that has positives on some levels, if it’s not kept in check, it leads to an unhealthy rugged individualism that furthers isolation and self-involved, narcissistic, navel-gazing indulgence. I believe that fundamentally we are social creatures who do better in communities. In our current culture, the people and businesses we tend to admire and use most, all too often profit at the expense of our humanity, environment, and each other’s relationships. What I take away from this important book is that mutual-care isn’t only about how we need to and can work in reciprocity with loved ones, but also how mutual-care will actually deepen your capacity for self-care, by recognizing that you need to and can find balance within your own ability to both care for and be cared for, and as such, mutual-care is a very important component, aspect, and path to being a more fulfilled, fully whole and integrated person.”

Bryan Robinson PhD

Ph.D., Author of Chained to the Desk in a Hybrid World: A Guide to Work-Life Balance

“Dr. Yael Baldwin has written an important book at this time in our history–one that highlights the one-sidedness of the self-care movement and offers a remedy. She fills a gap and brings balance to the self-care trap with her innovative concept of mutual-care. This book is a must for those who are striving for self-care, but who actually need more mutual-care in their lives, as Dr. Baldwin describes it, and is also a must for the professionals who treat them.” 

Learn with Dr. Yael Baldwin

The power and beauty of mutual -care, a 5 week course. This course provides evidence based research and practical tools to increase the mutual-care in your life.

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